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I am the mother of a 17 month old girl who unfortunately had the misfortune to have a rather big hemangioma on her temple that ruined (if I may say so) all the beauty… For 17 months the hole family was in a terrible psychological state and while I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to send my child to the nursery like that I was going crazy!!! We visited a pediatric dermatologist with my husband who told us to let the hemangioma run its course and then aſter many years it would go away… I had lost all hope and I was sad. One day we went to the Andreas Syggors hospital. Dr. Stefanaki who is a dermatologist there, suggested, aſter seeing our child, to visit Dr. Tombris, who is a specialist in the area and the best surgeon of hemangioma.

When we went to his office, from the very first moment I felt that there was a solution to my problem and that I was in good hands!! There was no doubt in my mind that everything would turn out great, maybe it was the instinct of the mother who wants the best for her child! So we decided to have the surgery on October 7th 2013

The best and most important day of our life! There was tremendous anxiety until the surgery was over. On 11.30 a.m. our Annie came out of surgery and I was speechless by the result!!! She woke up immediately, ate aſter two hours and she was just fine when we got home (we went home the same day)… aſter two days we took off the gauze.. and there was our miracle!!!We couldn’t believe our eyes!!! The hemangioma was gone and since then we go out without worrying that this different scar of the child might show…Our life has changed and we still cannot realize how happy we are!!! It might sound exaggerated but to me as a mother Dr. Tombris is a giſt from God and a very important person in my life!!!

Dr. Tombris I pray that you are well, happy and to continue your priceless work of giving joy to children and parents!!! I love you so much!!!


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