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Dr. Konstantina Fragia


Dr. Konstantina Fragia MD, Ph.D. is a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens Medical School.  She is a pathologist with great experience in vascular lesions and melanomas.  She was trained at Massachusetts General Hospital with Professor Martin Mihm. She works both as a researcher and a pathologist.  Dr. Fragia is an affiliated researcher with the Solvay Institute Brussels, the Ludwig Cancer Research Institute in New York, the Department of Dermatopathology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the National Polytechnic School at the University of Athens and the School of Public Health in Athens.

She was the Director of the Pathology Department at Sotiria Hospital in Athens, Greece and currently she is the Director of the Histo-Bio Diagnosis pathology laboratories.

Dr. Fragia is a Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School. She also served as a member of many scientific boards of the Hellenic Ministry of Health.  She is the author of books related to melanomas. She is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis of vascular and melanchromatic lesions.