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Demosthenes Rachianiotis | Testimonial

On February 2008 I had the first symptom (oral bleeding) from a disease that honestly I had never heard before. Aſter quite a research I went to Dr. Tombris office who told me that I have an arteriovenous malformation! At first it all seemed terrible; the calmness of Dr. Tombris made me feel better though.

Aſter analyzing the “response” plan to the problem I realized that what I had was certainly rare and complicated but it can be dealt with. It needed some effort from both of us though. We started off with an embolism (a procedure of isolating the damaged vanes) and we continued with the surgery of removing them and reconstructing the removed part. Today no one can see the slightest difference. A surgical scar (very difficult to see) is what reminds me of my adventure and my memories! I am not saying it was all easy and that I didn’t have some difficult times, physically and emotionally. Thanks to my family, my friends and my doctor it was all manageable and curable.

That was what kept me going, without hesitation, in the right plan that we had made.

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