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My name is George and I am 40 years old. I took the courage to write about my problem too, a facial hemangioma that appeared 13 years ago. I started off with embolism in Germany (Hamburg) and partly because of my ignorance, partly because of personal matters I didn’t complete the embolisms and I returned to Greece. I continued my treatment in various hospitals in Thessaloniki.

There I faced several problems, I met doctors NOT capable of dealing with my problem and instead of getting better my problem grew worse and I also dealt with racism from my environment. I got over it by myself, I think I was strong, until I met the maxillofacial surgeon Stavros Tombris and his team and I had a big surgery in Athens. I was in the operating room for 12 hours the first day in order to have the lesion removed. Four days aſter that I was operated for my reconstruction. This took another ten hours… and the surgery was a success! So I was given the opportunity of living a new life and having new dreams. That’s why we should face life with courage. “life is no game you should take it seriously like the squirrel does without waiting for anything from outside or anywhere you’ll have nothing else but to live our most beautiful days are not here yet and the most beautiful thing I would like to say to you I haven’t’ told you yet” (Nazim Hickmet )
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