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We have a little girl who is now 5 years old and who had an hemangioma on the right side of the occipital area, with Kasabach Merritt symptoms. When we discovered the tumor she was 40 days old and until the age of 14 months everyone told us not to do anything and let it be because it was probably a simple hemangioma that would decline by itself. We visited many doctors of various specialties and titles (professors, managers etc.) in all pediatric (public and private) without being able to actually find a solution.

Only one doctor in Greece (who we discovered ourselves aſter research on the Internet) told us that the tumor does not behave as a true hemangioma and that we should perform a biopsy to see exactly what is that tumor and to define its treatment. On January 2010 the child showed symptoms of disorder of coagulation factors and fall of the number of platelet (because of the tumor) in dangerous levels for the child’s life (PLT=3.000). At the children’s hospital they were unaware of the particular matter and they were not only unable to help us, but also to suggest a certain solution (ex. Go abroad). The solution came from a Greek doctor that I mention above and with whom we went to Berlin in a specialized centre for vascular
malformations (St. Joseph Krankenhaus), where the tumor was removed successfully (at the age of 18 months).

The medical and nursing services offered were incredible. The cost of the whole procedure was relatively low regarding the Greek pricing policy. The child recovered from the surgery immediately.
We stayed at the hospital for 7 days 3 of which were aſter the surgery. The progress on the child’s health was so rapid that we even took a 3-day vacation to Berlin aſter leaving the hospital.

Today, 3,5 years aſter the child is free of the disease. Be careful because there are doctors (public and private) with big titles who present themselves as experts and in reality they cannot help. The expertise in Greece on the field is limited. The doctor who found a solution to our problem is Stavros Tombris and he is by far the most expert in matters of vascular malformations. He is working together with the American Professor Milton Waner who is one of the top in the world. Anyone who might need any further information, we are willing to help.

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