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My name is George Siokis and I was born in Thessaloniki in 1977. Since my birth I had a bluish lesion on my upper lip. The diagnosis of the doctors that had examined me up until the age of 33 was of a hemangioma. More importantly, the fact that I could get rid of it very easily and painlessly. Luckily none of them had persuaded me and I didn’t let them experiment with my problem.

Three year ago I was in Athens by chance and having heard the best about Dr. Tombris, my doctor, I made an appointment for a consultation, as I have done many times during the previous
years of my life. So I have learned, in the age of 33, that the lesion that I had was not a hemangioma but a venous malformation. I also learned that it could be successfully treated, but both the treatment and the recovery would not be as easy as I was told. Above all, having it done, would have been my choice.

The result is that my doctor is my savior. I remember him every day that I look at myself and I am grateful to him. The recovery as difficult indeed, but I was courageous because I trusted the medical team that undertook my treatment.

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